– Added shortcode for expiring voucher [wpvp_expiring]
– Added option (General Settings): Enable Gutenberg Support
– Added option (Voucher List Settings): Title Length
– Moved OpenSans from Google-Font CDN to plugin folder
– Fixed browser issues with the manual import shops/voucher functions (Browser request limitation)


– Fix for shortcode pagination.


– Cronjob Fix (please update your importers to 2.0.3 versions).


– Bugfix for Shop Content Filter
– Bugfix for Backend JS Translation


Major update with many code changes & improvements. Please make sure to backup your site before updating!

3rd Party Theme Support

wpVoucherPro now supports 3rd party themes! We started with two popular premium wordpress coupon themes from themeforest.net called Couponer & Couponize. We picked those due to many pre-sale customer requests regarding those themes. If you ever wanted to use wpVoucherPro with the Couponer or Couponize theme, its now possible.

Importer Rework
wpVoucherPro import plugins will now show up as tab under wpVoucherPro -> Importer. Here you can setup your credentials, settings and update/import content. AJAX import functions have been redesigned to meet current best way practices for wordpress. Update Shop/Voucher data functions also utilize AJAX now.

Plugin Options Rework
The REDUX framework has been replaced by the WordPress settings API. After upgrading to 2.0.0 you have to set and save your settings again. License management options moved to submenu page wpVoucherPro -> Licenses. The importer settings and import buttons moved to submenu page wpVoucherPro -> Importer.

Furthermore we added new settings:

Theme Settings: Theme Select + Include Bootstrap CSS + Include Bootstrap JS
Shop Settings: Show/Hide Share Buttons
Voucher Settings: Show/Hide Copy2Clipboard Button + Show/Hide Share Buttons

– Updated Font Awesome CSS

– Updated Theme Options
– Added „Shop Contact“ Metabox
– Improved Default CSS
– Several Markup Changes

– Template System: You can now store your customized WPVP Templates to your WordPress Theme. Create a „wpvp“ directory in your Theme directory and copy the templates files from /wpvp/templates into it. Your theme directory will be checked first. If no template file is available the default one will be used. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have already made changes to the templates files, make a backup before you install the update.

Other Bugfixes/Changes:
– Added Pagination CSS
– Fixed Pagination Bug with Category Shortcode

– Added Bootstrap Support (Enable/Disable on Options Page).
– Added Fallback Cronjob-Function for Users without MySQL „LOAD LOCAL INFILE“ Support.
– Added Shortcode for related Shops.
– Added Widget for Shop and Voucher Stats.
– Added „rel=nofollow“ to all external Voucher Links.
– ADDED Voucher-Tag: „exclusive“.

– First public release of „wpVoucherPro Main Plugin“